What are the “performance” and “development priorities” within your business and how effectively are they being addressed?

This single question, effectively asked and answered, can empower enhanced “Direction and Management” of your business. It will provide the strategy, and practical application, required to maximise your company’s potential.

Just in case you’re thinking “Seems simple enough”, what if the question was put to you like this…


  1. How is business?
  2. Are you on target?
  3. Are you reaching potential?
  4. What is your potential?
  5. Where are the shortfalls?
  6. What’s causing them?
  7. Is it the market? Is it only partly the market? How much then?
  8. Is it the economic climate?
  9. Is it the competition?
  10. Is it your people?
  11. Is it your management?
  12. Is it you?

How many can you answer and quantify – top down – before you get stuck?

COEX is a robust framework that creates a direct line (of impact) from the Boardroom to the bottom line by providing everyone in that chain with the insights and tools needed to maximise their contribution.

COEX builds a management powerhouse of sound “analysis and action” by denying that the ‘economy’ and the ‘market’ control your company’s performance.

By isolating the true causes of (under)performance, COEX uses these to then give your Management Team the clarity of vision and tools they need to retake control and manage the business to maximise their bottom line impact.

Our results speak volumes.