Satellite Boardroom

What’s urgent? What’s important? This could be the difference between target and potential or even prosperity and survival

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing the old “urgent/important” conundrum as just a cliché. It is much more than that, and it’s a big player among the reasons many businesses lose traction and fail.

When one of your biggest and often costliest assets (Directors and Management) are kept away from their core mission (Analysis and Action of key performance deal breakers) the crucial link between the Boardroom and your bottom line is diminished or lost.

Give your boardroom some room (a respite if you like) from the fragmented noise of the ‘daily urgent’ to the crystal clear focus of the ‘long term important’.

Andrew Management helped us achieve a 15% uplift in our bottom line within 12 months. Our ongoing engagement just keeps this going. They are an invaluable part of our business now.

Andrew Management operates a Satellite Boardroom facility at our facilities in London, Manchester and Stirling where we will facilitate one of the most productive days you and your team will ever experience. Our tried and tested model will help you (as a team) to truly agree on the important elements and challenges of your business. Understanding these enables our model to then help you (as a team) to agree upon a Strategy, Initiative & Response (SIR) plan of action to improve your bottom line.

There are some conditions mind you, house rules so to speak. Nothing authoritarian and no egos. More an inspired set of leaders building your powerhouse of Direction and Management for the biggest possible impact on the bottom line performance of your business.