Recent results

Real-world examples of the results our ControlExec model can deliver
1 42% Higher Sales Conversion Finance Sector – new business sales per quarter increased from 8 to 14, converted from a running quantified lead bank of 50 prospects. Training in selling benefits through questioning resulted in a closing ratio increase from 1/6 to 1/3-4.
2 40% Marketing Enquiries Increase Finance Sector – highly successful marketing communications strategy based on ‘Triggered Needs Response’, resulting in up to 40% more enquiries over previous ‘features based’ communications.
3 27% Customer Spend Increase Retail Sector – a combination of added value presentation and benefit questioning skills development producing average customer spend increases of up to 27%.
4 Customer Focus – Sales Hearing Aid Manufacturer – established highly successful agent development programme progressing to end user market led strategy, training and distributor support.
5 Customer Focus – Production Food Sector – extremely successful transition to new technology and working practices supported by performance assessment and supervisor coaching.
6 35% Pricing Uplift Multiple Sectors – ‘Beneficial Sales Proposition’ developed incorporating added value factors thus enabling price increases.
7 13% Cost Reduction Retail Food Sector – returns costs reduced by up to 13% plus the benefit of increased sales through the introduction of ‘Best Sellers’ projects, sales, and stock performance initiatives.
8 Increased Revenue Multiple Sectors – ‘Mission and Policy Conflict’ initiatives created more flexible approach on cost>price>turnover issues, resulting in increased revenue from both greater profit in some issues and improved turnover in others.
9 Customer & Product Sales Retention Multiple Sectors – introduction of ‘Lost Sales Reporting’ resulting in increased product sales and customer retention.
10 15% Distributor Retention Increase Electronics Sector – sales distribution agent retention increased by up to 15% as a result of relationship management projects including supported personnel development programme actually overcoming competitor pricing advantage.
11 Performance Management Development Performance management culture and application including sales, profit, retention, development, and policy.
12 Personnel Performance Counselling Multiple Sectors – faced with some weaknesses in individual personnel who also possessed significant strengths making replacement a poor option, ‘Performance Counselling’ has proven to be dramatically effective leadership development.